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Clinical Research

Clinical Research Facility in Phoenix Arizona

Central Phoenix Medical Clinic has been providing research opportunities to our patients and the community for over 12 years. When you join a clinical trial, you will receive tests and study medication at no cost, an opportunity to learn more about your medical condition and financial compensation for your time and travel.

Central Phoenix Medical Clinic has successfully enrolled in over 200 studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas including allergies, asthma, birth control, cholesterol, constipation, diabetes, dyslipidemia, headache, heartburn, insomnia, migraine, obesity, osteoporosis, pain, migraine, and several vaccine studies. Dr. Riffer is well known in the research industry and is pleased to offer his patients the unique opportunity to be a part of research and bringing new drugs to market. Please call our research office at 602- 200-3814 today to find out which study opportunities we have available for you!


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