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Primary Care Doctors in Phoenix

During office hours, emergency calls will be relayed immediately to a physician. If he or she determines your case is an emergency, he or she will advise you to come to the office or go to urgent care or an emergency room.

Central Phoenix Medical Clinic operates on a physician rotation system after hours, on weekends and holidays. If you require emergency attention after established office hours, please call (602) 200-3800. If your physician is not available or not on call, his or her associate or another physician from the call group will respond.    

Our Phoenix Primary Care Doctors and their specialties

  • Doctor Barbara Berry, Family Practice

  • Doctor Barbara Lipschitz, Internal Medicine

  • Doctor Ernie Riffer, Medical Investigator in Phoenix Arizona

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Central Phoenix Medical Clinic

7600 N. 15th Street, Suite 190
Phoenix, AZ  85020
(602) 200-3800

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